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Lighten Up – Three easy Spring and Summer meal ideas

May 10, 2021
Fellowship Square offers seniors easy seasonal meal time ideas. Read More
Categories: General

Should Seniors Have a Pet?

April 29, 2021
Fellowship Square offers some benefits pet ownership provides for seniors and shares some important things to consider so having a pet doesn’t become a burden. Read More
Categories: General

Honoring Earth Day

April 14, 2021
Earth Day is recognized around the world for just one “official” day a year, but honoring Mother Earth through conservation practices is something seniors (and everyone!) can do every single day. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to consider how they can become more eco-conscious this Earth Day. Read More
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Stress Awareness Month — How Seniors Can Cope with Common Stressors

April 08, 2021
Fellowship Square reveals some important facts about seniors and stress and mechanisms to help them cope with them. Read More
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Tags: Health

Honoring the Rise of Christ on Easter

March 30, 2021
On Easter Sunday, Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Fellowship Square offers safe tips to help seniors honor the rise of Christ this year. Read More
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Tags: Holidays

Fun Ways for Seniors to Enjoy the Spring Season

March 26, 2021
Fellowship Square encourages residents and seniors to take advantage of the spring season and have a little fun. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas… Read More
Tags: Seasons

Why What’s on the Plate is so Important to Everyday Health

March 16, 2021
In honor of National Nutrition Month, Fellowship Square offers seniors tips for nutritional eating in the name of health. Read More
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Tags: Health

Tips for a Good Night’s Rest in Honor of National Sleep Awareness Week

March 15, 2021
Fellowship Square aims to help seniors “wake up” to the importance of the proper amount of sleep and how to promote quality sleep in the name of health with the following tips and advice. Read More
Categories: General, In The News
Tags: Health

Tips for Kidney Health in Honor of National Kidney Month

March 04, 2021
March is designated as National Kidney Month, a time to understand the risks of and ways to prevent kidney disease as well as raise awareness about it. In honor of this vital organ, Fellowship Square shares some tips for kidney health and kidney disease prevention. Read More
Categories: General, In The News
Tags: Health

How to Prevent Vision Loss and Low Vision with Age in Honor of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month

February 24, 2021
February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Month, a time dedicated to bringing awareness to the important health topic of eyesight health and educating people about how they can prevent age-related vision loss and low vision. Fellowship Square takes a peek into this topic and sheds some light on how seniors can care for their vision as they age. Read More
Categories: General, In The News
Tags: Health
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