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Let’s Get Physical — When Seniors Should See their General Physician

January 20, 2022
Fellowship Square offers some advice on how often seniors should see their doctor and some topics to discuss during their routine physical. Read More
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Tags: Health

Go Clutter-Free this January

January 18, 2022
Fellowship Square offers tips for clearing out the clutter this year. Read More
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Resolutions for the Long Run — How to Maintain New Year’s Resolutions Past January

January 10, 2022
In 2022, Fellowship Square encourages seniors to live their best lives and discover their best selves. With the help of some resolutions, and these tips on how to stick with them, this can be their best year yet! Read More
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Ringing in 2022

December 27, 2021
Fellowship Square offers some tips for celebrating New Year’s Eve and making resolutions for 2022! Read More
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Tags: Holidays

When the Holidays aren’t so Jolly

December 17, 2021
Fellowship Square shares some tips to help seniors get through the holidays and for caregivers and loved ones to help make the holidays a little brighter for seniors who are struggling. Read More
Categories: General

Four Budget Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Season

December 17, 2021
Fellowship Square offers four inexpensive (or free!) and fun ways to celebrate the holidays this season. Read More
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Move for Comfort: Exercise to reduce joint pain and increase mobility

December 07, 2021
Fellowship Square shares some exercise tips for seniors looking to move more in the name of comfort and mobility. Read More
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Tags: Health, Fitness

Health History: Why it’s Important to Know and Share Health History with Future Generations

November 28, 2021
As seniors age, there is a lot to consider regarding what they might pass down to their loved ones, family members, and future generations. Yes, this can include priceless family heirlooms and trust funds, but it should also include health history. Fellowship Square shares why it’s so important for seniors to have record of, and share, their personal health history. Read More
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Tags: Health, Family

Giving Thanks — How Gratitude Can Help Create Happiness

November 17, 2021
As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, a lot of emphasis is placed upon gratitude. While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show appreciation to others (and to oneself!), gratitude is a valuable asset to use all year round. And studies even show that having gratitude can help create happiness. Fellowship Square dives into this topic and offers advice to seniors on how to be more grateful, starting now! Read More
Categories: General, In The News
Tags: Holidays

Medication Management: Easy tips for helping seniors remember to take their medications

November 15, 2021
Fellowship Square offers three simple tips to help seniors and their caregivers with medication management. Read More
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