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Benefits of Volunteering

Fellowship Square encourages seniors that are looking for a positive way to spend their extra time to look into volunteering. Read More
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Fire Safety Tips for Seniors

Fire safety is a year-round concern. However, with monsoons casting wicked lightening (often without rain), seniors may be worried that a fire could start. Regardless of weather or other cause, Fellowship Square offers the following fire safety tips for seniors: Read More
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Monsoon Safety Tips

With a few more months of monsoon season ahead, Fellowship Square offers monsoon safety tips for seniors. Read More
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A Super-Ager’s Guide to Maintaining Health

Fellowship Square delves into why keeping up with these appointments is so important — and other “super ager” tips. Read More
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Sun Safety Tips for Seniors in Honor of UV Awareness Month

Fellowship Square advises how to safely enjoy the sun this summer — while protecting the skin. Read More
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Paying it Forward — How Doing Good for Others is a Win-Win

Research even shows that paying it forward and acts of kindness are good for one’s health! Paying it forward can help relieve stress, improve quality of life, contribute to one’s happiness, help develop connection with others and build strong relationships and more. So why not get into the spirit of goodwill towards others starting with a small gesture today? Read More
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Vacationing “at Home”

Fellowship Square offers some fun ideas for “stay-cationing” and saving some money this season. Read More
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Prayer 101 — Connecting with the Lord

Fellowship Square offers simple ways that seniors can connect with the Lord, starting with prayer. Read More
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Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Fellowship Square offers home safety tips for seniors that live alone. Read More
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Dive in — water exercises to keep seniors cool and fit all summer long

Fellowship Square offers tips for staying cool and fit this summer — in the pool! Read More
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