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Sun Safety Tips for Seniors

July 07, 2021
Fellowship Square offers seniors the following sun safety tips. Read More
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Tags: Health, Seasons

Motivational and Inspiring Bible Verses to Help Seniors Through Hard Times

July 06, 2021
Through prayer, attending mass, or reading scripture, seniors may find the strength and inspiration they need to get through long or lonely days. Fellowship Square offers the following scripture to help seniors find comfort. Read More
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Father’s Day Celebrations for Senior Dads

June 17, 2021
Fellowship Square offers some fun and simple ways to recognize Dad this Father’s Day. Read More
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Volunteerism and Charity — How to Get Involved, The Benefits of Giving Back

June 11, 2021
Fellowship Square offers the following tips for seniors looking for volunteer opportunities and shares some incredible benefits of community give back. Read More
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Water Works — Benefits of Swimming and Water Exercises For Seniors

June 09, 2021
Now that the weather is really heating up, it’s time to cool down! Despite the rising temperatures, seniors can get a great workout — without “overheating” — by doing some water fitness! The swimming pool is a refreshing place to turn up the dial on physical fitness. Fellowship Square shares some of the benefits of swimming for seniors and tips on getting started with a water workout. Read More
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Safe Ideas for a Fun Three-day Weekend in Honor of Memorial Day

May 19, 2021
Memorial Day weekend serves as the unofficial kick-off to summer! Temperatures around the valley already feeling like summertime plus the fact that many seniors have been restricting their travel since COVID-19 add up to the perfect recipe for a fun three-day weekend itinerary in honor of Memorial Day. With that in mind, Fellowship Square offers some ways that seniors can enjoy a leisurely three-day weekend. Read More
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Lighten Up – Three easy Spring and Summer meal ideas

May 10, 2021
Fellowship Square offers seniors easy seasonal meal time ideas. Read More
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Should Seniors Have a Pet?

April 29, 2021
Fellowship Square offers some benefits pet ownership provides for seniors and shares some important things to consider so having a pet doesn’t become a burden. Read More
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Honoring Earth Day

April 14, 2021
Earth Day is recognized around the world for just one “official” day a year, but honoring Mother Earth through conservation practices is something seniors (and everyone!) can do every single day. Fellowship Square encourages seniors to consider how they can become more eco-conscious this Earth Day. Read More
Categories: General, In The News

Stress Awareness Month — How Seniors Can Cope with Common Stressors

April 08, 2021
Fellowship Square reveals some important facts about seniors and stress and mechanisms to help them cope with them. Read More
Categories: General, In The News
Tags: Health
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