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How to Read the Bible

August 17, 2021
Fellowship Square encourages seniors in retirement who might find themselves with more time on their hands than before to explore the Good Book. Here are a few tips to get started — just think of it as a “Reading the Bible 101.” Read More
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Motivational and Inspiring Bible Verses to Help Seniors Through Hard Times

July 06, 2021
Through prayer, attending mass, or reading scripture, seniors may find the strength and inspiration they need to get through long or lonely days. Fellowship Square offers the following scripture to help seniors find comfort. Read More
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Connecting with the Lord During the Holidays

November 27, 2020
Fellowship Square reminds seniors that the Lord is always by their side and encourages them to connect with Him during the holidays when seeking comfort and joy. Read More
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Prayer 101: How to Strengthen One’s Connection to God

October 19, 2020
Fellowship Square offers simple tips for using prayer to reconnect with the Lord. Read More
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