Senior Activity

Inspiration in Nature

Fellowship Square encourages seniors to get outside in this beautiful fall weather and be inspired by nature. Read More
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Sun Safety Tips for Seniors in Honor of UV Awareness Month

Fellowship Square advises how to safely enjoy the sun this summer — while protecting the skin. Read More
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Vacationing “at Home”

Fellowship Square offers some fun ideas for “stay-cationing” and saving some money this season. Read More
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Dive in — water exercises to keep seniors cool and fit all summer long

Fellowship Square offers tips for staying cool and fit this summer — in the pool! Read More
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Keeping the Drive Alive — driving tips for seniors as they age

Fellowship Square shares some expert-guided tips on how seniors can help maintain their ability to drive and offers some safety tips, too. Read More
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Resolutions for the Long Run — How to Maintain New Year’s Resolutions Past January

In 2022, Fellowship Square encourages seniors to live their best lives and discover their best selves. With the help of some resolutions, and these tips on how to stick with them, this can be their best year yet! Read More
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Fall Fitness: Tips for Keeping Active as the Busy Holiday Season Rolls Around

Fellowship Square suggests some fall fitness tips to help seniors keep active as the hustle-bustle of the holidays approaches. Read More
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Fall Fun for Seniors

It’s officially autumn! And while the weather may not seem like it yet, fall activities abound and pumpkin spice is… well, everywhere! So it’s time to celebrate the season! Fellowship Square offers its residents and seniors fun ideas for the fall season. Read More
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Grillin’ and Chillin’ - Easy Summer BBQ Ideas

Fellowship Square offers easy summer BBQ ideas for seniors. Read More
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New Hobbies to Try that Won’t Break the Bank

Fellowship Square encourages its residents and all seniors to take advantage of their Golden Years with a new hobby that stimulates and engages their minds, bodies, and souls. Read More
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Take a Vacation Without Leaving Town

Fellowship Square offers the following ideas for seniors to enjoy a “getaway” without leaving town. Read More
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Father’s Day Celebrations for Senior Dads

Fellowship Square offers some fun and simple ways to recognize Dad this Father’s Day. Read More
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Volunteerism and Charity — How to Get Involved, The Benefits of Giving Back

Fellowship Square offers the following tips for seniors looking for volunteer opportunities and shares some incredible benefits of community give back. Read More
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Holiday Fun for Seniors

Fellowship Square offers the following tips to help seniors feel holly jolly this Christmas. Read More
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Virtual Ways to Connect with Seniors

Fellowship Square suggests some easy ways to virtually connect with their beloved seniors. Read More

Water Fitness — How to get a good workout in the Swimming Pool

For those that don’t think getting a good workout can be done in the water, Fellowship Square invites them to “dive in” to these water fitness facts and tips. Read More
Categories: Independent Living

Light and Easy Meal Ideas for Summer

Fellowship Square has a few quick ideas to help seniors lighten up their meals this season. Read More
Categories: Independent Living

Tips for Going on ‘Vacation’ Without Leaving Home

Fellowship Square offers some fun ways seniors can get some vacation vibes. Read More

Sun Safety Tips for UV Safety Month

July has been designated as Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Month, and while most people (especially in the Valley of the Sun) are already well aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun, one can never be too careful! Fellowship Square offers seniors tips to help them stay safe from the sun as the summer heat intensifies. Read More
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