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Celebrating Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is honored annually on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Beyond celebrating grandparents, Fellowship Square takes a look at the history of this holiday and how families can honor it this year. Read More
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Becoming a Grandparent

Fellowship Square offers tips for new grandparents on how to make the most of this experience, without overstepping boundaries of the new parents. Read More
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Health History: Why it’s Important to Know and Share Health History with Future Generations

As seniors age, there is a lot to consider regarding what they might pass down to their loved ones, family members, and future generations. Yes, this can include priceless family heirlooms and trust funds, but it should also include health history. Fellowship Square shares why it’s so important for seniors to have record of, and share, their personal health history. Read More
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Connecting with Grandkids – How Seniors Can Strengthen These Bonds

Fellowship Square offers seniors some easy ways to connect with their grandchildren. Read More
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Reconnecting with Family: Tips for reaching out to estranged family members

Fellowship Square offers tips to help seniors reconnect with estranged loved ones. Read More
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