Wellness Connection - Supportive Services

By Tracey Biggerstaff
Categories: General, Independent Living, Assisted Living

At some point, most senior citizens have trouble completing tasks that were once easy for them. Perhaps keeping up with house cleaning or yard work has become a challenge due to mobility issues or fatigue. Often driving a car becomes stressful or even dangerous because of poor vision or slowed reactions. This means getting to the doctor or the grocery store is a struggle.  Maybe cooking a nutritious meal just seems like more effort than it is worth.  When people can’t keep up with these activities, both their physical and mental health can suffer and in turn, quality of life. 

Those who are fortunate enough to have family or friends nearby and who are willing to help can maintain their independence with assistance. However, as needs increase, they often worry about becoming a burden. They begin to ask for help less often and can become reclusive and depressed. These are some of the reasons people decide it’s time to move into an assisted or independent living community.

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa is a great option for those needing an independent living or assisted living community.  We provide full service dining, housekeeping, security, transportation, engaging activities and more. The services at our assisted and independent living community allow for ease when transitioning into long term care in Mesa, AZ. For seniors, it’s simply a better quality of life.  For families, it is peace of mind.

We understand that every individual has unique needs which may change and increase over time. To support our independent or assisted living residents, we created our Wellness Connection, an array of services that are available in their apartment or on site. 

One reason why we’re one of the best retirement communities is that we have unique offerings for our residents to improve their quality of life. We’d like to highlight our Supportive Services for our residents or those looking to move themselves, loved ones or parents into independent living in Mesa, AZ. Supportive services (also known as non-medical home care) offers residents a little extra help like bed making, incontinence care, shower and dressing assistance, campus escorts, dog walking, medication reminders, TED hose assistance and companionship.  We offer a variety of supportive service visit plans to keep these services very affordable.

Supportive service care is provided by our highly trained CNAs (certified nursing assistant) who are certified by the Arizona state board of Nursing. They’re trained in all three care levels of assisted living: supervisory, personal and directed care.  The CNAs at Fellowship Square Historic Mesa receive refresher trainings frequently, giving them the confidence to do their jobs without hesitation. Our CNAs help our residents with every day needs and with a high level of empathy and compassion.  Yulith, one of our valued CNAs says “We believe that our job helps our residents maintain that independence and privacy. We do our jobs making sure that our residents know we are not here to take over their routines/life. Rather, that we are only trying to make living here more pleasant and enjoyable without the hassle of the little things.”

The residents at our assisted and independent living campus have been very happy with the supportive service options that we have available. Below are some of the testimonials of our Mesa independent and assisted living residents.

George “Pat” Welch: “Service is always pleasant. You guys help with my daily routine and there is no way that I would be able to do it as easily as you make it seem. I love to have you guys here, always with a smile. It definitely brightens my day ALWAYS!”

Alan Rosen: “The supportive service girls are always courteous and help me with scheduling my appointments which makes it easier on me to just go to them. They help me with my medication to stay in my routine.”

Rene and Lois Svenstand: “Since they have started to help with our medication reminders, we don’t have to worry about missing any pills. We love the people who come. Also, it helps our family members have peace of mind knowing we are very well taken care of.” 

Jane Brunner: “The girls from supportive service are so wonderful to have.  They are very sweet and do everything I have asked for. I actually could do some of the things they do for me, but when I was on my own I never did!!! However, now that they come and help me with my routine I am able to do only the things I choose to do!”

There are no contracts with Supportive Services – residents can start and stop services whenever they like. For a free consultation, residents or family are encouraged to call our Campus Care Coordinator at 480-290-7019 or come in for a tour and visit our independent and assisted living facility in Mesa, AZ. 

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