Fellowship Square Historic Mesa Introduces New Keyless Door Lock System

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Fellowship Square Historic Mesa is continually looking to improve the lives of the independent living residents and also make everyday life just a little easier! With that, we are pleased to announce the new keyless door lock system as a part of our senior living apartments.

Doug Dreyer, Fellowship Square Historic Mesa’s Facilities Director, says the improved keyless door locking system benefits residents in a number of ways including self-locking features (in case residents forget to lock the door); user-entry tracking (which is a plus for residents and also protects employees from false accusation of entry); and unique codes individual to each user, which provides another element of safety.

Without the need for a master key, residents never have to worry about losing a key or having it misused or duplicated. Another advantage is that residents can choose to add or delete individual users, including new or department employees and other visitors.

With these new security doors enhancing our senior independent living services, residents have the option to choose from using a code or a thumbprint detection to lock and unlock their door.

Of residents’ reaction to the new system, Doug says, “Response so far has been positive with a number of residents requesting to be on the install list, and the idea that family members would have their own individual code is well received.” He adds that residents with a no-permission-to-enter clause welcome the idea that only a Security Officer in an emergency situation would have access to their senior living apartments.

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa is adding this feature to each apartment as they are turned for a new resident. Existing residents may also purchase the new lock system at a discounted rate and receive free installation.

Fellowship Square Historic Mesa is committed to the comfort and safety of its residents. With security on duty around the clock and other a multitude of other safety features throughout the community, Fellowship Square prides itself on staying up to date with technology to continue to offer its residents the highest levels of security at their senior living community. If you have questions about the new keyless lock feature at our community or anything else please call us at 480-436-5122

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