New HUD Service Coordinator

By Lindsey Arrey
Categories: General, Independent Living
Tags: Senior Living

We are happy to announce another promotion on the Phoenix campus!

Ricky Dodds became part of the Christian Care family in 2014; in fact, July 16th is his 5 year anniversary. In June 2019, he was promoted to the HUD Service Coordinator position for the Manors.

Our residents and families all know and appreciate Ricky for his compassion, patience and dedication. While he will certainly be missed in Security, the residents are thrilled that he has been promoted and that he will still be on campus. Ricky is also excited about his new position, as it gives him the opportunity to serve our residents in a whole new capacity while still working with them directly.

As HUD Service Coordinator, Ricky will be helping Manor residents obtain any supportive services they might need from community agencies and with any other day-to-day challenges they might have. Ricky says, “The residents are a blessing that we get to share every day.” 

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