Eric Kirby, Executive Chef

Wednesday May 02, 2018

Eric began his career with Fellowship Square as an intern in 2011 while he was completing his bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition Management. Upon receiving his degree, Eric was promoted to kitchen manager and he was recently promoted to Fellowship Square’s executive chef. “My role has changed and I have more responsibilities, but at the end of the day, it’s all about taking care of our residents,” Eric says. “If I am in the dish pit or on the line, I’ll be wherever I need to be to help the kitchen.” While Eric has served in roles in fine dining restaurants, he finds joy in being part of the Fellowship Square family. “I feel really blessed to be a part of a greater whole and the community here.”

As a culinary school graduate, Eric has a passion for food while also incorporating healthy yet delicious cooking methods for senior living. He creates health conscious flavor-filled dishes that provide optimal nutrition for the residents of Fellowship Square. “I focus on incorporating good, natural products versus following current trends,” Eric explains. “I also like to provide the residents with options so making a healthy choice is in their hands.” Whether it’s sushi or Italian cuisine, the Fellowship Square menu incorporates a variety of ethnic flavors as well as “backyard BBQ” dishes and hearty “family recipe” favorites.

Eric works with residents to fine-tune what they like and want. “If they have concerns about their health and nutrition, I’m here to help them. I will work with them accommodate their needs,” he says. With many residents having food sensitivities or allergies, Eric is dedicated to creating the best meal possible for each resident. He notes that one-on-one approach is the key to ensuring residents are getting the nutrition they need while enjoying their meals.

His favorite part of working with the seniors of Fellowship Square is hearing their stories. “Learning about the places they’ve been and the things they’ve done is amazing. This is the generation that has truly done it all,” Eric says.

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