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Fire Safety Tips for Seniors

August 08, 2022
Fire safety is a year-round concern. However, with monsoons casting wicked lightening (often without rain), seniors may be worried that a fire could start. Regardless of weather or other cause, Fellowship Square offers the following fire safety tips for seniors: Read More
Categories: General

Monsoon Safety Tips

July 27, 2022
With a few more months of monsoon season ahead, Fellowship Square offers monsoon safety tips for seniors. Read More
Categories: General, In The News

Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

June 07, 2022
Fellowship Square offers home safety tips for seniors that live alone. Read More
Categories: General

Go Clutter-Free this January

January 18, 2022
Fellowship Square offers tips for clearing out the clutter this year. Read More
Categories: General

Reconnecting with Family: Tips for reaching out to estranged family members

August 25, 2020
Fellowship Square offers tips to help seniors reconnect with estranged loved ones. Read More
Categories: General

Maintaining Medication – Easy ways to help seniors manage their prescriptions

August 17, 2020
Fellowship Square offers the following tips for managing medications. Read More
Categories: Independent Living

Virtual Ways to Connect with Seniors

August 05, 2020
Fellowship Square suggests some easy ways to virtually connect with their beloved seniors. Read More

Light and Easy Meal Ideas for Summer

July 21, 2020
Fellowship Square has a few quick ideas to help seniors lighten up their meals this season. Read More
Categories: Independent Living

Tips for Going on ‘Vacation’ Without Leaving Home

July 11, 2020
Fellowship Square offers some fun ways seniors can get some vacation vibes. Read More

Sun Safety Tips for UV Safety Month

July 09, 2020
July has been designated as Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Month, and while most people (especially in the Valley of the Sun) are already well aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun, one can never be too careful! Fellowship Square offers seniors tips to help them stay safe from the sun as the summer heat intensifies. Read More
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