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At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we have made learning and communication the foundation of our residential programs and on-going staff training. Our lifelong learning program is instrumental in providing new and existing residents with an opportunity to connect and find new purpose in their lives.

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Senior Living Community Considerations

August 12, 2021
There are many important factors to think about when choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one. Read More

Hospitality That Feels Like Home

August 05, 2021
One cannot underestimate the impact of genuine hospitality, as it fulfills the basic human need to be accepted and loved. Read More

Seniors Adopting & Advancing Modern Technology

July 29, 2021
seniors who reside at Fellowship Square Mesa and in the surrounding community spent part of their day traveling on grandiose adventures to places like Niagara Falls, the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, the Antarctic coasts to visit penguins, the clouds above for a wild skydiving ride, and so on Read More

Infrastructure at the Core of Senior Living

July 22, 2021
Infrastructure is the underlying foundation or basic framework of an organization that is needed for it to function successfully. Beyond being a comfortable, resort-style campus that is well-maintained for senior residents, Fellowship Square Mesa has invested much time and resources into our infrastructure behind the scenes which greatly impact the communication, health support, safe environment, and entertainment that we provide. Read More

The Volunteering Happiness Factor

July 15, 2021
Senior residents at Fellowship Square Mesa have enjoyed many outreach activities in our community. Read More

Our Story: Rooted in Caring Excellence

July 08, 2021
When choosing a senior living place to call home as an aging adult, it is important to consider a number of factors about the organization beyond the living accommodations and amenities that meet your needs. Read More

Senior Tech Fest to Highlight Technological Impact

July 01, 2021
The impactful use of technology among aging residents at our resort-style senior living community in the East Valley is turning heads across the nation; but, more importantly, is greatly improving the seniors’ quality of life. Read More

Mindful Living for Memory Care

June 24, 2021
Intentionality is at the heart of our Reflections Memory Care services and hospitality. Read More

Assisted Living at The Oasis

June 17, 2021
As seniors age and need more help with daily life functions, there is peace of mind that comes with securing an appropriate balance of independence and assistance. In addition to experiencing the same extensive amenities offered on campus to our Independent Living seniors (shared here), our Assisted Living residents at Fellowship Square Mesa receive professional and personalized assistance while living in The Oasis. Read More

Independent Living to the Fullest

June 10, 2021
From campus events, fun activities, health care support, and wellness classes to neighborly social hours, there are always opportunities to pair the sense of community with the valued independence that is sought. Read More

Center of Aging Excellence

June 03, 2021
The well-being of our residents will always come first while we look to celebrate life with them. We invite you to join us on our incredible journey of aging well together. Read More

Living in Faith, Community & Purpose

May 27, 2021
More and more research is showing that having faith can benefit the human spirit as well as the body, helping us to live longer and happier lives. Read More

The Healthy, Fun Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

April 27, 2021
At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we prioritize lifelong learning amongst our senior residents so they continue to try new things, increase their self-confidence, meet people who share their interests, and avoid the trap of stagnation. Read More

Freedom From COVID-19 Celebration

April 21, 2021
Fellowship Square-Mesa wants to set the record straight for how our seniors have survived the pandemic and are now celebrating together in person. Read More

Our Caring "Fall Prevention" Technology

April 02, 2021
The Fellowship Square-Mesa community has taken unique steps to prioritize our ‘fall prevention’ approach for residents, since it is of utmost importance to their health and well-being. Read More

Our Alexa Community: Smart Apartments

March 25, 2021
At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we’re changing senior living for the better by using technology to enhance each resident’s life—allowing them to remain independent even longer. Read More

Finding Love during COVID

August 20, 2020
Catching Love Instead of COVID Amid the restrictions of COVID-19, seniors are finding joy in each other's company. In the case of these two, they are now planning a future together. Click on the link to watch this video to learn their story! Read More

Alexa Community at Fellowship Square-Mesa

July 24, 2020
Our Alexa Community at Fellowship Square-Mesa is one of the newest technological advances in Senior Living today. Alexa Community uses smart technology devices that are programmed to be a daily household helper. Fellowship Square-Mesa was one of the first Senior Living communities to adopt this technology into its campus. Read More

COVID-19 Update

March 30, 2020
As you may have heard in the news, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been identified at a Goodyear, AZ community. Read More

How gum disease could lead to Alzheimer's

January 31, 2019
In a new study, researchers have found that a bacterium largely responsible for gum disease also contributes to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Read More

September is Fall Awareness Month

September 07, 2018
September is Fall Awareness Month. We must learn that as we age Falling is Not a normal part of aging. Have you had your gait checked? Read More

More Senior Living Options Focus on Healthy Movement and Physical Activity

August 29, 2018
What is a common element you will find in the most inspired senior living options? Exercise. The National Council On Aging reveals that just 37% of Americans over the age of 60 are physically active every day — meaning that the vast majority do not get enough exercise. Read More

Fight Dementia with your Fork

March 22, 2018
The MIND diet can drastically lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, among other conditions. Here’s what the lead researcher suggests regarding MIND and foods thought to be “good for you.” A Mediterranean-inspired diet was recently proven to dramatically lower the risk of dementia in older adults. But just because it originated in Italy doesn’t mean you should stock up on frozen pizza and lasagna. Instead, the MIND diet focuses on plenty of vegetables, whole grains, beans and olive oil. It even recommends a small glass of red wine daily. The meals are also linked to a healthier heart and longer life, coupled with a reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Read More


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I love living in a community where my friends appreciate my sense of humor:  10,000 Swedes came thru the weeds chased by one Norwegian.  The dust from the weeds and sweat from the Swedes made snuff for the one Norwegian.    



I enjoy riding the bus to and from medical appointments.  I don't have to think about where to go or park my car.  And I love the drivers, they are so patient and kind. 



I am so happy that I am living at Fellowship Square.  The food is wonderful and I can play bridge whenever I want.  

Chef Robert

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