The ABC’s of Flu Season and Vaccinations

October 30, 2017
October marks the onset of flu season in Arizona. With the new season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released suggestions regarding getting the flu shot for the 2017-2018 season. Read More

5 Best Fitness Tips for Seniors Over the Age of 75

October 23, 2017
As a senior citizen over the age of 75, there are specific safety precautions that should be discussed with a doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine. Once Doc has given the green light, read on for some fitness tips to get started! Read More

Tips for Healthy Eating at Any Age

October 16, 2017
"Eating healthy” can be easier said then done. With a few simple tips, maintaining a healthy eating routine can be done without feeling deprived — and while really enjoying what’s on the plate. Read More

10 Myths about Aging

October 09, 2017
There are many myths about aging or elderly people that simple aren’t true. Fellowship Square debunks the myths about aging that should never be assumed about senior citizens. Read More

Healthy Snacking Tips for Seniors

October 02, 2017
When it comes to getting the proper nutrition, many seniors struggle with fulfilling their daily requirements for a number of reasons. With some simple and healthy snacking ideas, seniors can get their nutrition and enjoy foods with naturally delicious flavors and textures. Read More
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