Finding Faith: Turning to the Lord For Support When Feeling Alone

October 29, 2018
Throughout the holiday season there is much cause for merriment, with celebrations and gatherings with friends and loved ones. However, many seniors and elderly people that don’t have family or friends nearby could end up feeling alone during a time that is supposed to feel joyous. Especially during these times, it’s important for seniors to remember — or their caregivers to help remind them — that they are never alone with the Lord by their side. Read More

Easy Tips to Help Seniors Stay Healthy Through Flu Season

October 22, 2018
With fall and winter seasons come cool weather and holiday festivities with friends and loved ones, but also the dreaded flu season. While people of any age are susceptible, its important that seniors that may have fragile immune systems do their best to stave off colds. Luckily, there are some easy tips to staying healthy through flu season. Fellowship Square offers the following tips: Read More

Tips for Recognizing Depression in the Elderly

October 16, 2018
Many recognize October as National Depression Awareness month, and Fellowship Square feels that depression should be recognized all year round. Diagnosis impacts many seniors, and its important to recognize the signs so loved ones and caretakers can get the seniors in their lives the help they need. Read More

Tips for Spreading Joy to Seniors

October 07, 2018
For seniors that have lost their significant other, or who sometimes experiences feelings of sadness as they age, a small ray of light can make all their difference in their day. Caretakers and loved ones may sometimes struggle with how they can help the seniors in their lives feel happy. So with that in mind, Fellowship Square offers small, simple gestures that can result in big smiles — for seniors and loved ones alike. Read More

Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween Season with Seniors

October 03, 2018
It’s already October and it seems that holidays these days are just as much about decorating beforehand than the actual event… but it sure is fun! In light of the upcoming fall holidays, including Halloween this month, Fellowship Square shares fun ways caretakers and loved ones can help seniors celebrate this spooky holiday. Read More
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