Healthy Heart Tips in Honor of World Heart Day

September 27, 2019
On Sunday, September 29, the World Heart Federation recognizes World Heart Day in an effort to raise awareness for heart health. This year, the campaign is focused on encouraging people to “be a Heart Hero by making a promise… to make a simple change for your heart health,” according to the Federation’s website. Fellowship Square reveals more about this important date and how seniors can make changes for their own heart health. Read More

How to Help Seniors Prevent Falls

September 21, 2019
September 23 has been designated as Falls Prevention Awareness Day, an annual holiday dedicated to raising awareness on how to help prevent injuries in seniors due to falling. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), on this day “national, state, and local partners collaborate to education others about the impact of falls, share fall prevention strategies, and advocate for the expansion of evidenced-based community fall prevention programs.” Read More

Tips for Healthy Aging in Honor of Healthy Aging Month

September 12, 2019
Fellowship Square shares more about how seniors can live their best — and healthiest — lives in their golden years. Read More
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