Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors

February 25, 2020
American Heart Month continues this February, serving as a time to raise awareness about heart health in hopes of preventing heart disease. However, heart health is important all year round — not just for one month! Fellowship Square delves deeper into tips for maintaining a healthy heart. Read More

Safety Tips for Active Seniors

February 16, 2020
The Golden Years are all about relaxation and enjoyment! Many seniors finally have the time to travel, adventure and explore their lives in another way after retirement. However, even for active seniors that are young at heart (and mind, body, and soul!), it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Fellowship Square shares the following safety tips: Read More

Three-Day Weekend Fun with Seniors for President’s Day

February 09, 2020
A three-day weekend is a great opportunity for friends and family members to get together with their beloved seniors. With many schools and businesses closed Monday in honor of President’s Day, it’s a great time to plan a fun weekend or even a quick trip with a multi-generational family or a group of friends. Fellowship Square shares some fun three-day weekend ideas. Read More
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