Outdoor Spring Hobbies and Activities for Seniors

March 16, 2020
With Arizona’s Spring weather is full bloom, it’s time to get out and enjoy the beautiful fresh air. For those seniors that love to spend time outside, there are a multitude of outdoor hobbies and activities to enjoy. Fellowship Square shares the following spring hobby ideas to help seniors enjoy the great outdoors. Read More

Benefits of Pet Therapy

March 06, 2020
There are many types of therapy that that can be utilized for the health and comfort of senior citizens. And there is not a “one-size fits all” when it comes to various methods. From art therapy to pet therapy, some seniors may be respond better to specific therapies over others. The latter has been used to help seniors that may be lonely and need a companion. But the benefits of pet therapy go beyond that and include stress reduction, overall health and wellness and more. Fellowship Square shares more about the positive aspects of having a pet in the Golden Years — or simply enjoying the benefits of a pet without actually owning one. Read More

Continued Education in the Golden Years

March 03, 2020
Fellowship Square and its staff supports learning at any age and understands the importance of ongoing education as a form of therapy and growth for residents of the senior living communities. In fact, Fellowship Square’s Historic Mesa facility now offers residents the Fellowship University program encompassing four five-week classes — completely free of charge. Each course is taught by professionals in their fields and encourages residents to thrive and continue their love of learning, with a certification of completion given to each “student” at the end of the class. Read More
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